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Hi, I'm Ashley!

Hello! My name is Ashley and I have created my business to make yours more manageable! It’s time for you to be fully invested in your business and allow someone else to help balance out your workload. While my niche is in education, I also support small business owners, coaches, realtors, and just about anything else!

I am a mother and a 6th year Special Education teacher in Wichita, Kansas. I received my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and my Master’s in Special Education. I have spent my years teaching in the Positive Behavior Support and Alternative School (or Day School) settings. Because of this, my focus has always been on the "Maslow" part of teaching and reaching our kids' behavioral, emotional, and social needs. Working with our most struggling kiddos is my passion, however, being one teacher, in one school, in one district, I can only reach so many students and educators. I’ve created my business to broaden that and influence and teach wherever it might be needed! I know how stressful teaching is, and the increase in student behaviors has made it unbearable for some. Allow me to share some of what I know repeatedly works for me and my students.

I also create social media content and currently manage a variety of social media accounts/websites from my own school's, mental health professionals, and coaches.

My Mission

I am here to help business owners and educators release some of their workload so they can focus on their passions.

As a special educator, I have years of experience in communication, social skills, behavioral skills, emotional regulation, document creation, collaborating, goal setting, and data collection and analyzing. In my specific teaching positions, I have used a huge range of behavior management tools that I know WORK! I have many tools, including visual tools and data tracking tools, that I’ve used in my classroom and shared with other teachers.

One thing that has kept me sane throughout teaching is my eye for detail, perfection and organization. This is my skill that has allowed me to branch out and help those in other fields, as well! I also have years of experience with content and document creation, a wide range of writing and editing, social media content and management, and technology.

My Services


For the


Virtual Coaching Sessions, Lesson Plan Writing and Planning, Content Creation, IEP & BIP Help, Goal Writing, Behavior Management Tools & Visuals


Social Media & Websites

Running Social Media Platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Website creation, Caption Writing, Marketing, PowerPoints, & More


For the Educators

I know we're all trying to ball for our kids on a budget. I am not providing a concrete package as needs will be forever changing. Contact me and we can discuss what you want and I'll provide a proposal for you!


  • Virtual coaching sessions
    • I'll help you get to the root of your students' behaviors and needs to help them be successful
    • We can talk IEP/BIP
    • Can include any of the following, as well!
  • PowerPoints
  • Assignments & activities
  • Data sheets
  • IEP/BIP assistance
  • Goal writing
  • Behavior management tools & visuals

General Social Media Package

Social media can make all the difference for business owners and those wanting to get information out quick! Get this package for all of your basics!


  • 3 social media posts/week
  • 2 social media platforms
  • basic content creation



Social media
Social media

Premium Social Media Package

The more time and effort that is put into social media marketing, the more people we can reach. This package will really make your social media handles stand out against others!


  • 7-10 social media posts/week
  • 3-4 social media platforms
  • content creation
  • interacting with followers
  • website creation*



I understand all businesses and needs are different. If none of my packages would fit your needs, I am open to discussions!

Hourly packages are also available.

Client Testimonials

Brooke Bemis, Founder of Brows by B

"Ashley is one of the best & I'm so thankful I found her! She's professional, honest, consistent, & her support is unmatched! Her work is so worth it--she has helped me on many different levels. Best decision, you won't regret it!"

Nicola Seifert, NCSP, School Psychologist

"When I initially met Ashley, she immediately stood out as someone who has excellent organizational skills, a great team player, and someone who is highly intelligent with exceptional analytical skills. Her ability to plan, organize, and communicate is remarkable. Her classroom runs so smoothly and that is all because of her."

Marcela Martins, Educator, Brazil

"I found Ashley from her awesome teacher Instagram page, all the way in BRAZIL! She has taught me so much and has inspired me from so far away. Her knowledge in student behavior is LIFE CHANGING. She works so hard and is dedicated to everything she does. I am SO LUCKY to know her!"

Student Behavior Data

Data starts when they join my class and progresses over about 15 weeks.

I provide behavior management tools and emotional/social strategies to ensure my students can be successful. I have found many methods that are guaranteed to help! The yellow dotted line shows the trend.

Student 1

Student 2

Student 3




Instagram Posts

This is the Instagram page I created in 2021 to share my teaching content. I wanted to be able to reach and inspire so much more and help other educators help students that I haven't met. I have really focused in on behavior, social/emotional, and trauma, as that is a HUGE part of the positions I'm personally in. The educators I have met from all over the world, because of this account, have made such a positive impact on my life and my career! I have also been able to answer the questions of so many educators struggling with the many pieces of being a teacher.

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My Personal:



TikTok Account @ashtheeginger

Let's be honest... We all fell into the TikTok trap in 2020. Two years in, it has only continued to grow and consume each of us even more. Something that I originally started out of boredom, quickly turned into another platform for me to share my teacher thoughts. One viral video about pandemic-teaching turned into another viral video, and another, and another, and... you know.

TikTok is such a quick, efficient, and FUN way to get content out. Being able to reach millions of people all over the world, why wouldn't you use it as a platform?

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